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Breast Center: Second Opinion

The UF Health Breast Center – Jacksonville offers Personalized Breast Health and Second Opinion Services designed to provide second opinions, comprehensive risk assessments and individualized breast health education and counseling.

For women, their partners, and their families, breast cancer is a very frightening disease, and making the best decisions about prevention or treatment of breast cancer requires the services of experts who can thoroughly assess all of the risk factors and treatment options.

Breast cancer risk assessment requires in-depth knowledge about risk factors, family history, tests for genetic susceptibility, and many other factors that determine the probability of developing breast cancer. Knowledge about breast health empowers patients to partner with their physicians in order to receive the most effective healthcare possible.

Breast health education and counseling provide the patient with the information necessary for taking proper, well-balanced measures toward the prevention or treatment of breast cancer.

Breast cancer second opinions can be helpful in confirming a diagnosis of cancer and reducing the anxiety associated with choosing the best option among several treatment plans.

Shahla Masood, M.D.

Shahla Masood, M.D., is the breast pathology consultant at UF Health Jacksonville. Masood, a board-certified pathologist who is professor and chair of the UF Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Jacksonville, is internationally recognized for her expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

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