New Location!

Now seeing patients at our new Deerwood Park location at 10475 Centurion Parkway N. in the CenterOne Building, Suite 201. Call 904-383-1011 to make an appointment.

The surgeons of UF Health Cardiothoracic Surgery – Jacksonville are highly specialized and recognized experts in the field of heart, lung and chest surgery. UF cardiothoracic surgeons employ state-of-the-art technology and the latest surgical techniques to treat heart disease and lung and esophageal cancer, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery procedures that significantly improve outcomes and recovery time for patients.

Specializing in complicated, high-risk surgical procedures, these experts are at the forefront of heart, lung and chest surgery. The division has been recognized for excellence in bypass procedures and its outcomes have been well above the national average. Working in close coordination with specialists in cardiology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, pulmonology, pathology and radiology, the division treats a full array of conditions.

Our surgeons also respect a patient’s choice to eliminate the use of transfused blood during an operation, whether for safety or religious reasons. As experts in advanced surgical techniques that minimize blood loss, they provide patients with comprehensive care that honors their beliefs.

Additionally, specialists at UF Health Jacksonville were the first in the region to develop a multidisciplinary program designed to expedite the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with aggressive thoracic cancer, including abnormal thoracic growths, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, mesothothelioma and metastatic tumors of the chest.


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