Social Responsibility

UF Health Jacksonville is committed to decreasing disparities in healthcare delivery across ethnic and economic lines. Our programs reflect the city's significant causes of morbidity and mortality in both purpose and location. We are primarily vested in improving the health of residents living in the community surrounding the hospital, the most populated area of Jacksonville's urban core.

The urban core has the city's highest mortality rate from heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and the highest infant mortality rate. We offer community-responsive programs for expectant parents and people with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, and other blood disorders. Programs offered include:

  • UF Health Jacksonville works with the Jacksonville Nonprofit Hospital Partnership to complete the Community Health Needs Assessment report which allows hospitals to take an in-depth look at the communities they serve to identify and prioritize the most significant and critical unmet health needs of the population using an evidence-based approach.
  • UF Health Jacksonville's Trauma Prevention Program encompasses seven initiatives to reduce the number and severity of injuries in children.
  • UF Health Jacksonville has several programs for pregnant women, infants, and their families, including:
    • Connect, which serves as a one-stop entry point to help expectant mothers and their families find the right service(s) and program(s) for their needs.
    • Healthy Start is a hospital, clinic, and home-based program that offers screenings for mothers and their infants, care coordination for moderate-risk patients, case management for high-risk patients, ongoing prenatal and parenting education, home visits, etc.
    • Little Miracles aims to encourage early access to prenatal and infant care, to improve the health of mothers and babies.
    • Nurse-Family Partnership is a two-year home-visit program for new parents living in high-risk communities, with specially trained UF Health nurses providing education and support to first-time mothers.