Mission and Goals

Image: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certification Program

Mission Statement

The UF Health Jacksonville School of Radiologic Technology is an integral part of UF Health Jacksonville Medical Center and shares its values. The school is committed to providing the health care community with exceptional graduates who are both academically prepared and clinically competent to perform magnetic resonance imaging.

Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

The UF Health Jacksonville School of Radiologic Technology has adopted the following goals and expected outcomes for students completing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certification Program:

  • To provide our local employers with entry-level graduates who have the skills and ability to perform and provide high-quality magnetic resonance imaging procedures.
  • To facilitate the development of applied clinical skills in critical thinking and problem solving for the entry-level magnetic resonance imaging technologist.
  • To provide a procedurally diverse and volume-intense clinical experience that meets or exceeds the ARRT clinical competency requirements.
  • To provide classroom experiences which guide our graduates to a successful outcome on the ARRT certification examination in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These opportunities include a program textbook, an MRI registry review program, and access to DVDs that contain the ASRT modules in MRI basics.