Residency Programs: Medication Use Safety and Policy Pharmacy Residency (PGY-2)

With an emphasis in Informatics and Patient/Medication Safety

The specialized residency in medication use safety and policy was created to develop an expert level of competency in the practical application of comprehensive medication use safety. The program is managed under the guidelines established by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and is ASHP accredited.

Comprehensive activities are managed by the Division of Therapeutic Policy Management (TPM) within the Pharmacy department. Responsibilities of the Division include formulary management through the P&T Committee and its various subcommittees, medication use evaluation, cost-avoidance and regulatory compliance, adverse drug reaction reporting and administration of the Drug Information Service.

Medication and patient safety is emphasized as TPM works closely with the multidisciplinary Medication Safety Team. The TPM Division coordinates the hospital's adverse drug reaction program and is involved in the medication error reporting process. Opportunities to participate in root cause analysis for patient safety are available.

The Drug Information Service serves health care professionals and consumers in North Florida and South Georgia. The service is a training site for doctor of pharmacy students from the state's colleges of pharmacy as well as PGY-1 residents. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in literature evaluation and appropriate application of biostatistics. Interactive teaching experiences are available during the student rotation, and through participation in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy's evidence based medicine classes. Opportunities to complete a teaching certificate are available.

The Division of Therapeutic Policy Management prepares and publishes official publications of the P&T Committee, including the Drug Update newsletter and the annual UF Health Jacksonville Formulary of Approved Drugs. The Division maintains a close relationship with the Division of Clinical Research, which is responsible for research management, investigational drug control and protocol management.

UF Health Jacksonville places a high value on use of technology to improve patient safety, as seen through our electronic health record, smart pump technologies and bedside bar code scanning. Thus, multiple informatics experiences are available. An informatics experience is incorporated in the PGY-2 residency because an understanding of the capabilities of information technology is an essential component of safe, efficient patient care.

Program Director

Amy Birch, Pharm.D.

Program Length

Twelve months, beginning in July


  • Stipend
  • 7 days of personal leave
  • 5 paid holidays
  • Professional time for conferences, research and interviews
  • Health insurance
  • Dental coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Educational and professional travel allowances
  • Dedicated office space
  • Laptop

Application Requirements

Eligibility requirements for the residency program include the following:

  • Graduate from an ACPE-accredited college or school of pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree
  • Completion of an ASHP-accredited Pharmacy (PGY-1) Residency
  • Eligible for licensure in the State of Florida – all residents must take their exams prior to the start of the residency
  • On-site interview
  • For non-resident alien applicants, authorization for employment that is valid through the residency period is required

Application Materials

  • Applicant information
  • Letter of intent
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Letters of recommendation from three (3) professional sources
  • Official transcript of applicant’s pharmacy coursework and grades

The application deadline is January 5th.

Application materials should be submitted through PhORCAS.

Contact Information

Residency Coordinator
UF Health Jacksonville
Department of Pharmacy
655 West 8th Street, C-89
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Phone: (904) 244-4157
Fax: (904) 244-4272

After the application is complete and reviewed, the residency selection committee will notify selected applicants to arrange an onsite interview.