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About the Department: Therapeutic Policy Management

Although managed by the Therapeutic Policy Management Division, all practitioners in the department have responsibility for the ongoing medication use evaluation (MUE) and adverse drug reaction reporting programs. The division offers formal drug information services to health professionals and the public, and is responsible for cost-avoidance activities, formulary management, therapeutic policy development, and provision of overall Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee support. The Drug Update newsletter, a publication of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, is managed by this division and provides therapeutic information to all health care providers on this campus. The activities provided in support of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee occur daily and are recognized as critical to the success of the committee.

MUE activities are an integral component of daily practice for all practitioners and are dedicated to improving patient care through an ongoing, systematic evaluation of drug therapy. The medical staff and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee recognize the importance of this service and use it to influence drug therapy policy.

The Drug Information Center is equipped with state-of-the-art resources including on line literature retrieval, Micromedex, primary literature in the major medical and pharmaceutical fields, and numerous secondary and tertiary references. The Borland Health Sciences Library, a branch of the University of Florida Health Science Center Library, is located on campus and provides additional resources and support.

Educational activities of the division also consist of teaching Doctor of Pharmacy APPE students and the training of residents, including residents in the ASHP-accredited specialty residency in Medication Use Safety and Policy.