Frequently Asked Questions

What does an x-ray tech/radiographer do?

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Can I work part-time while in the program?

Many students have part-time jobs while attending school.

What if I do not currently meet the entrance requirements?

Students may enhance their admission to future classes at the School of Radiologic Technology by successfully completing the pre-requisite classes at a community college.

When should I apply?

Completed applications must be submitted by October 31. The Radiography Admissions Committee conducts interviews during October and November and makes its selection in November. The program begins in early January of each year.

Describe the typical radiography student.

The typical class will range from recent college students, to single parents, individuals opting for a career change, retired military and older adults reentering the workforce. It is the mature and committed student that makes a successful radiologic technologist.

What about transportation requirements?

Reliable transportation must be readily available to all students.

What benefits accompany the program?

Each student is offered medical and dental insurance at no charge. A $10,000 life insurance policy is also offered at no charge. The student is provided a meal card worth $35 per week meal allowance. A secure parking lot is also provided.

Will I receive a refund if I do not complete the program in its entirety?

If a student is voluntarily withdraws or is dismissed during the first 30 days of school, fifty percent (50%) of the tuition paid will be refunded. All book sales are final.

Does the school consider FAFSA as a form of tuition?

No, all funds for tuition have to be paid out of pocket by the student. The school is qualified to accept funding from Veterans Affairs (VA). It is the responsibility of a candidate to contact the Veteran Affairs’ education department regarding the tuition assistance process.