Honor Society

Lambda Nu

Lambda Nu is a national honor society for the radioligc and imaging sciences. There are currently 158 Lambda Nu Chapters in 43 states. Lambda Nu’s name is derived from the lower case Greek characters in the physics formula that represents the inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency, an essential parameter across the diversity of modalities comprising the professions. Similiarly, Lambda Nu uses the upper case Greek characters to represent the inverse relationship and delicate balance required between the art and the science inherent in the radiologic and imaging sciences.

UF Health Jacksonville’s Chapter

Exceptional students at the UF Health Jacksonville School of Radiologic Technology are recognized for their honor, integrity, and academic achievement when they qualify to Lambda Nu. UF Health Jacksonville’s chapter is Florida Gamma Pi . Florida Gamma Pi identifies and fosters the academic achievement of radiology students and offers opportunities for individual growth and advancement.

It shall be the sole purpose of the Florida Gamma Pi to encourage student learning, professional development, social awareness, leadership skills and provide hospital enrichment to all members of Florida Gamma Pi.

The Florida Gamma Pi chapter offers members the opportunity and privileges to:

  • Build a sense of community
  • Qualify for scholarship and grant opportunities
  • Collaborate with other radiologic professionals through research and investigation
  • Cite both chapter and society as a professional achievement
  • Foster academic scholarship at the highest academic levels
  • Graduate with honors

Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of the first 4 quarters of the UF Health School of Radiologic Technology
  • Completion of at least one quarter with a 3.75 GPA or higher
  • Overall cumulative 3.50 GPA or higher


  • Freenae Williams, MBA/HCM, RT(R)(M), Chapter Director
  • Anthony Hofmann, B.A.S.,RT(R)(CT), Assistant Chapter Director

Contact Information

Freenae Williams, Chapter Director, UF Health Jacksonville
Phone: (904) 244-3274