Diverticulitis - what to ask your doctor

  • Definition
    • Diverticulitis is inflammation of small pouches (diverticula) that can form in the walls of your large intestine. This leads to fever and pain in your belly, most often the lower left part.

      Below are some questions you may want to ask your health care provider about diverticulitis.

  • Alternative Names
    • What to ask your doctor about diverticulitis

  • Questions
    • What causes diverticulitis?

      What are the symptoms of diverticulitis?

      What type of diet should I be eating?

      • How do I get more fiber in my diet?
      • Are there foods that I should not be eating?
      • Is it OK to drink coffee or tea, or alcohol?

      What should I do if my symptoms become worse?

      • Do I need to change what I eat?
      • Are there medicines that I should take?
      • When should I call the doctor?

      What are the complications of diverticulitis?

      Will I ever need surgery?

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