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Crutches and children - sitting and getting up from a chair

  • Definition
    • Sitting down in a chair and getting up again with crutches can be tricky until your child learns how to do it. Help your child learn how to do this safely.

  • To Sit Down
    • Your child should:

      • Place the chair against a wall or in a secure place so it cannot move or slide. Use a chair with arm rests.
      • Back up against the chair.
      • Put legs against the front seat of the chair.
      • Hold the crutches at the side and use the other hand to hold the arm of the chair.
      • Use the good leg to lower down in the chair.
  • To Get Up
    • Your child should:

      • Slide forward to the edge of the chair.
      • Hold both crutches on his injured side. Lean forward. Hold the chair arm with the other hand.
      • Push up on the handgrip of the crutch and the arm of the chair.
      • Stand up putting weight onto the good leg.
      • Put crutches under the arms to start walking.
  • References
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