The University of Florida Eye Institute offers vision services for patients with decreased vision due to refractive error. Services include measurement of refractive error, glasses and contacts. In addition, refractive surgery is offered through the UF Laser Eye Center.

Optical Services

The UF Eye Institute provides a full-service optical center. This includes refraction (vision) testing, frames and lenses. The glasses are priced competitively and include many designer brands.

Contact Lens Services

The UF Eye Institute offers a full range of contact lens services. This includes both routine and custom contact fittings. Contacts and fitting vary depending on the brand and type of contact.

Available fits include:

  • Custom fits for unique ocular and corneal conditions
  • Gas-permeable hard contacts
  • Soft color contacts
  • Soft contacts
  • Soft disposable
  • Toric contact lens for astigmatism

Low Vision Services

The UF Eye Institute offers low vision services for patients who have lost a significant amount of their vision. Visual loss can vary with disease processes. For example, glaucoma tends to affect peripheral vision, whereas macular degeneration affects central vision. Regardless of the visual loss, a low vision specialist can help patients regain visual function through teaching them how to better use their remaining vision, as well as how to use a variety of lenses and low-vision aids.