Neuropsychology involves the study of brain-behavior relationships. Neuropsychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology, with training and specialization in neuropsychology, which includes education in the areas of brain structure and function and neurological disease and injury. Neuropsychologists are trained in administering and interpreting tests designed to look at the following:

  • Academic skills
  • Attention
  • Language
  • Memory and new learning
  • Motor functions
  • Problem-solving
  • Psychosocial functioning (including behavior and emotion)
  • Sensory perception
  • Spatial skills

Neuropsychological evaluation varies depending on the type of referral question, but generally includes extensive review of records, interviews with the patient, his or her family members and consultation with the referring physician. Testing can take up to a full day, but often lasts about three to four hours.

Part of the UF Health Neuroscience Institute – Jacksonville, the UF Health Neuropsychology Program – Jacksonville:

  • Values excellence and productivity in neuropsychology service delivery
  • Is committed to clear and timely communication of findings to patients and their physicians
  • Values diversity, compassion, integrity and confidentiality
  • Is a determined advocate for persons with neurological dysfunction and their families
  • Is dedicated to encouraging scholarship, innovation, and learning for patients, staff and students in a collaborative and enjoyable environment


The UF Health Neuropsychology Program at Jacksonville offers the following services:

  • Differential diagnosis
  • Documenting the course of recovery or progression of an illness
  • Documenting the effects of treatment
  • Providing a detailed description of cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial status in order to assist in individualized treatment planning
  • Evaluation of readiness to return to work or school
  • Behavior modification planning and family education
  • Forensic neuropsychological evaluation
  • Record review
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Neuropsychological consultation