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Published: April 10, 2017
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The Patient Family Partnership Council for Quality and Safety is a way for you to work with UF Health to improve the patient experience.

Every person who comes through our doors for health care has a story — a unique narrative. It is important to provide an opportunity for those stories to be told. The act of sharing and listening to patient experiences empowers everyone.

This is the concept behind the Patient and Family Partnership Council for Quality and Safety, or PFPCQS. The group, made up of staff and patients, provides another way for UF Health to keep the patient experience at the heart of everything we do.

“The council will provide feedback and assist UF Health Jacksonville in evaluating how we can improve patient safety, quality of care or patient service issues,” said Claudette Christopher, Performance Improvement Specialist for Quality Management.

Patients are the most valuable part of the UF Health team. The PFPCQS provides a setting for them to tell us about any issues and concerns. The council will include up to 12 people and will help us gauge what we are doing well and where we can do better.

“The council will help improve the patient experience by promoting patient and family involvement, information sharing, and aiding in establishing organizational priorities in response to patient, family and community needs,” Christopher said.

Prospective candidates should be passionate about health care, respect the perspectives of others and have a positive outlook. The ideal candidate will be a good listener and can communicate well. The hospital is asking PFPCQS members to serve on the council for two years. The meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“It is important to include more stakeholders, especially patients, in the conversation about safety and quality, so that we have diverse representation,” Christopher said. “By listening to their experiences, we can ensure we are delivering patient-centric health care.”

If you have been a UF Health patient or are a relative of a patient who would be a great member of the Patient and Family Partnership Council for Quality and Safety, contact Claudette Christopher at 904.244.9891 or

Click here to download and print a copy of the application to complete.

Mail printed applications to:

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Attention: Claudette Christopher

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