Nurse fellow Haley Mackey thrives at UF Health Jacksonville

Published: April 24, 2017
Haley Mackey, a nurse fellow at UF Health Jacksonville, works on the medical-surgical floor helping patients heal. View Larger Image

Haley Mackey, 26, is just 10 months into her nursing career and has already accomplished so much. Mackey started with UF Health Jacksonville in June 2016 for a one-year fellowship program consisting of 12 weeks of orientation on various floors of the hospital, four weeks of classes to discuss hospital policies more in-depth, and four weeks of simulations to learn how safety and protocol is practiced throughout the organization.

Mackey currently works on the medical-surgical floor treating patients that have been moved out of the intensive care unit or sent up from the emergency department.

“It’s never a dull day, there’s always something going on the floor,” Mackey said. “I can be here three days in a row, and every day is different. You come into work and you never leave feeling like you did nothing. You are always helping someone.”

In Mackey’s short time at UF Health Jacksonville, she has become a preceptor training new hires, whether they are new to nursing or just new to UF Health. She trains nurses on proper procedures and charting protocol to ensure consistency. Mackey has also trained to be a backup charge nurse, where she will make sure that everything on med-surg floor is running smoothly and patients are being discharged properly.

“I feel like I’m learning more than my colleagues are at other hospitals, but it’s not like I’m being thrown into it. These are opportunities I want,” Mackey said. “And all the doctors are really nice. The academic learning center is a huge benefit because the doctors want you to see what they are doing and teach you at the same time.”

Nurse Manager Kathy Newton said she is incredibly proud of Mackey’s success. “I’m so thrilled with her progress, and I’ve been there to support her and her professional development. And hopefully I’ve given her the tools she needs to continue to grow and be able to accomplish whatever she wants to do within her nursing career. She’s accomplished so much in her first year.”

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