Pharmacy: Prescriptions

Prescription Drop Off and Pick Up

Please always check in with the clerk at the pharmacy entrance upon arrival. For the safest and quickest service, please be ready to show your state-issued photo ID and provide patient name and date of birth.

Electronic Prescription Procedures

All e-prescriptions will be made ready for pick up on the next business day unless you call 904-244-4020 to speak with a staff member.

  • If you know that your doctor has sent over electronic prescriptions (E-Prescriptions), and you would like to pick them up on the same day, please call 904-244-4020 to speak with a staff member. Our staff will provide you with a pick up time depending our workflow and your need.
  • Otherwise, all E-Prescriptions will be made ready for pick up on the next business day.
  • E-prescriptions that are too soon to be filled will be placed on hold on your medication profile. Please call us to obtain the Rx numbers in order to call into the refill system when they are due.

90-day Supply of Maintenance Medications

Note: Our pharmacy can fill 90-day prescriptions if allowed by your medication/insurance plans. Please share the following prescribing guidelines with your providers:

  • Prescriptions must be for chronic maintenance medications with stable doses – those medications where your dose is not going to change within the next 90 days.
    • New medications and/or dose changes should be written as a 30-day supply.
    • If we receive a prescription with a dose change soon after you pick up your 90-day refill, you may be instructed to adjust your dosage by using your current medication (if possible). The new prescription may be placed “on hold” until you finish your current supply.
  • Your provider must write the prescription for a 90-day supply.
    • Chronic medications written as a 90-day supply will be filled as a 90-day supply, unless the customer verbally requests a smaller quantity.
  • Refills may be requested up to 10 days before the next fill date. For your safety, please be sure to have your Rx number or name and strength of your medication when requesting refills.
  • Benefit does not apply to controlled substance medications (limited to a 30-day supply).
  • Lost/stolen medications will not be replaced. Your options would be to pay cash for a quantity sufficient to last until your next fill date, or request a separate prescription from your provider to fill at an outside pharmacy.

We encourage 90-day supplies for chronic maintenance medications to save you time and travel expenses by reducing trips to the pharmacy, and to improve medication use. If you have any questions, please call our pharmacy at 244-4020.

Text Message Notifications

To better serve you, the pharmacy offers an automatic text message service to notify you when your medications are ready to be picked up. Ask a staff member how to receive text message notifications on your phone.

Important Notes:

  • You may receive one or more text messages, depending how your medication order was received by our pharmacy.
  • Text messages will be sent once your prescription is ready for pick up.
  • Medications will be available for pick up for 10 business days. We are unable to notify when these prescriptions are returned to the shelf if you did not pick them up.