Pharmacy: Refills

Prescription refill line is available 24/7: 904-244-3333. To better assist you, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our refill call-in system:

When can I use the refill call-in system?

You can use the refill system 24/7 by calling 904-244-3333. Call the main line with questions at 904-244-4020 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm).

How soon can I call in my refills before the due date?

For regular medications, you can call three to five days before the actual due date. For controlled substances and gabapentin, you can call one day ahead. Please note these guidelines may vary due to insurance limitations.

Why were my refills not processed?

The system is automated and may not be able to notify you of the reason your medication refill was not processed. Common reasons your refill may not have processed:

  • Your UF Health financial rating has expired
  • You requested your medication too soon before the due date
  • Your prescription has expired
  • Your prescription did not have a refill

When can I pick up my refills?

Follow the prompts until the end and the system will give you a specific date and time to pick up your prescription.

How can I know that my refills are done?

You can check the status by calling 904-244-3333 and selecting option three – then entering the Rx numbers you would like to check. Please do not try to call in the refill more than once. See a staff member to sign up to be notified by text message or email when your medications are ready.

How long are my prescriptions kept on the shelf?

Per insurance rules, medications not picked up within 10 calendar days will be returned to stock and refills are credited back to the patient’s account.

I have a prescription on hold — how can I get the Rx number to call in my prescription?

Please call our pharmacy during business hours at 904-244-4020, and a staff member can provide you with the Rx number.

Can I ask someone to request my refills over the phone?

The quickest way to request your refills may be to call them into the automated refill line. However, if you need assistance with this, you can call to speak with a staff member.

Can I use the MyUFHealth online portal to order my refills?

When you order refills using the MyUFHealth online portal or through the MyChart mobile app, you are requesting a new prescription from your doctor’s office. This does not mean you are ordering refills to be done by our pharmacy. Call 904-244-3333 to request a refill of your prescription. However, effective Nov. 22, 2021, when our pharmacy is on the new pharmacy system called WAM, you will be able to order your refills through the portal or the app.

How can I renew my prescription once it has expired?

You can send a message to your provider in MyUFHealth to request a renewal of your medication. Also, when you call in an Rx number with no refills left, our automated pharmacy system can also request a renewal on your behalf. We can only do this for chronic maintenance medicines, not for controlled substance medicines, or medicines used for short-term reasons, such as antibiotics or steroids.

How to read your prescription label

1 Prescription Rx number: used to order refill and check status of order.

2 Medication name, strength and directions.

3 Quantity of medication in this fill.

4 Number of refills left and date that refills will expire (usually 6 months or 1 year from Original date).

5 Date to discard the actual medication.

6 Date our pharmacy filled your Rx: used to determine date of next fill.

7 Your date of birth (DOB) and unique hospital Medical Record Number (MRN).

8 Manufacturer of medication.

9 Original date on prescription: used to calculate Rx expiration date, which is 6 months to 1 year, depending on type of medication.

10 Prescriber of medication.

This statement means that it is against Federal law to share your medication with another person. It is also a safety issue, because that person could be allergic to your medication or experience serious drug interactions due to the medications they already take.