Child Protection and Forensic Pediatrics

UF Health Child Protection and Forensic Pediatrics in Jacksonville, Florida, is a regional, state and national leader in the prevention, detection and care for all types of child abuse and neglect. As powerful advocates, they often are the "voice" many children do not have.

The team provides direct patient care as well as offers valuable consultation and support to the primary care physician and other healthcare professionals working in the clinical setting. The Child Protection Team bases its work on the idea that child abuse and neglect involves many complex issues and thus requires the expertise of many professionals. The local team provides oversight to the Florida Department of Health's statewide Child Protection Team Program.


UF Health Child Protection and Forensic Pediatrics provides the following services:

  • Child and family assessments
  • Expert court testimony
  • Medical diagnosis and evaluation of suspected child abuse and neglect, including sexual abuse
  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluations
  • Specialized and forensic interviews
  • Telemedicine program to assist physicians in detecting child abuse in their local sites
  • Training for child protection investigators
  • Training for emergency room staff and other community medical providers on mandatory referral criteria
  • Training for medical students, residents and graduate physicians on recognition and preventive practices for child abuse and neglect