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Healthy Eating

Navigating Diet Culture

The truth is that every nutritional approach works for someone, but no one approach works for everyone.

Young woman looking unhappily at a salad

Don’t Eat Your Stress

There are some steps you can take to ensure when the next wave of stress hits, you do not find yourself in an empty bag of Doritos.

Person's hand picking up potato chips

Healthy Eating at Home

Keep in mind that continuing to eat healthy can support your immune system, which is just one of the many measures of staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fighting the Holiday Calories

The unfortunate truth for most people is that weight gained during the holiday season is typically not lost in the coming year. Over time, this weight gain…

Plate with candy, pastries and a tape measure with the word help

Sugar, Salt, Fat, Oh My!

Registered dietitian Kayla Fisher presented at the August Prime of Your Life Women’s Health Series event and discussed how sugar, salt and fat content in…

Food Safety for Tailgates

With parties and football going hand in hand, we need to make sure that the food we are serving is safe for all to enjoy.

Man and woman grilling at a tailgate party