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Depression is considered one of the most common mental disorders, yet it can negatively affect how you feel, think and handle your daily activities. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help.

UF Health Psychiatry in Jacksonville provides evaluation, consultation and treatment to improve the lives of people of all age groups who are suffering from depression. In addition, many UF Health primary care practices offer counseling services.

How do we treat depression?


Our psychiatrists can prescribe one of several available antidepressant medications that have helped a great number of patients. In some cases, the physician may need to switch medications to find the one that works best for that particular individual.


Our therapists often use cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients focus on changing the way they view themselves, relationships and the circumstances of their life. They can also work to develop techniques to reduce negative thinking and find ways to manage difficult situations. Many times, patients have greater success when therapy is combined with medication.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This innovative therapy at UF Health Jacksonville has been providing hope for people who have not found success with other methods and have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. TMS focuses electromagnet energy on a specific area of the brain that is underactive in patients with depression. These pulses stimulate the cells and bring them back to normal activity and restore normal mood for many patients.

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