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Prenatal testing for fetal abnormalities

The Maternal and Fetal Medicine team offers services in prenatal testing through a variety of techniques, including blood tests to assess the risk of certain abnormalities and ultrasound to look for fetal structural abnormalities. In addition, non-stress testing is conducted in patients at risk for a miscarriage. These tests give assurance to the patient and the physician that the fetus is healthy, thereby allowing the pregnancy to reach full term.

Are the tests dangerous to either my baby or me?

The usual tests for prenatal diagnosis are not invasive and not dangerous to either the mother or the fetus.

How accurate are the tests in showing that my baby is normal?

Test results are not 100 percent accurate, but are very close. When the full panel of tests has been completed and no abnormalities are detected, there is good reason to believe the pregnancy will result in a healthy baby.

How many times do I need to be seen by the doctor during my pregnancy?

Frequency of visits depends on the results of the testing. In many cases, obtaining all of the necessary information may require several visits. In the case of non-stress testing and contraction stress testing with biophysical profiles, tests are performed on a weekly basis until delivery.

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