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Haley Brain Wellness Program Testimonial: Steven Biggs

Steven Biggs talks about his experience in the Haley Brain Wellness Program

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Moth. At UF Health we offer a program that helps Veterans and First Responders overcome TBI's and other related injuries to improve their quality of life. The Haley Brain Wellness Program is an interdisciplinary treatment program for military veterans and first responders experiencing persistent health issues associated with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries, along with associated behavioral health issues, such as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and substance use disorder. For TBI awareness we are able to share a testimonial from one of the patients who previously went through the program and saw his life change for the better. Meet Steven Biggs and hear his story told first-hand:

My name is Steven Biggs and I spent 8 years in the Army, after which I was medically retired, due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with Moderate TBI, PTSD, and chronic neck/back pain.

I learned about the Haley Brain Wellness Program at UF Health through my wife who worked at UF Health at the time, as a nurse. After discussing with my wife, we both agreed this would be the best treatment for my situation. The three-day evaluation period was a very eye-opening experience due to the realization that this program was a perfect fit. I could finally receive the proper and customized care that I so desperately needed after so many years.

In this program I met some of the best physicians that I have ever come across in my life. All of them truly care about the individual and want what is best for them, through a collaborative effort. I remember hearing the results of one of my cognitive tests and instantly feeling self-defeated. The Speech Pathologist assured me by the time we were done with the program, she would have given me enough tools to be successful and that I would be able to improve my memory as well as be able to focus better. Of course, I was very skeptical at first, but at the end of the program we went over the post program tests and I saw drastic improvements compared to the beginning. I remember sitting in her office in tears while going over the new results thinking to myself that I actually did improve in an area that had been such a struggle for so many years.

Now that I have completed the program my life is completely different. My wife tells me regularly now, that the old me is back and I am finally able to show patience to my kids. I have already reached out to multiple Vets like me, so that they also can get the much-needed treatment that this program offers. My quality of life has changed in a way that I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sorna and his team. All of the collaborative staff did not just fix me, but truly saved my life.

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