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UF Health Orthopaedic Surgery in Jacksonville provides expert medical care for all traumatic injuries of the bones of the extremities and pelvis.

Specially trained orthopaedic surgeons from the University of Florida Division of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery treat acutely injured patients with broken bones, open wounds of the extremities and multiple injuries. Surgeons also provide care for any subsequent complications of the injury after treatment, such as bone infections, deformities and nonhealing bones.

Our skilled specialists provide care for the following:

  • Failure of fractured bones to heal (nonunions)
  • Fractures of the pelvis and extremities
  • Infections in the bone and soft tissue
  • Malunions of fractures and fracture deformities


Procedures may include open reduction and internal fixation, irrigation and debridement, tendon repair, resection of infection and reconstruction with bone graft.

  • Irrigation and debridement - During this procedure, the surgeon examines the areas around a wound or infection and removes all of the dirt or foreign material and any tissue that may be damaged to the extent that it will not survive. The wound is then washed with fluid.

  • Open reduction and internal fixation - The surgeon puts the bone pieces back together (open reduction), holding them in place with plates, screws, rods or wires. Orthopaedic surgeons at UF Health Jacksonville use the latest techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, when appropriate.

  • External fixation - In this procedure, the surgeon inserts pins that go through the skin and into bone both above and below the fracture site. This is usually a temporary (days to weeks) treatment used to allow soft tissues at a fracture site to heal.

  • Osteotomy and internal fixation - The surgeon cuts the deformed bone (osteotomy) to allow it to be straightened and then applies plates, screws or rods to hold it in place while it heals (internal fixation).

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