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The following are answers to some questions you may have about your visit to the Pain Management Center at UF Health Jacksonville:

When is it necessary to seek relief from a pain management professional?

  • If you experience no relief and your functioning is impaired after two consecutive months of therapy
  • If your pain is inconsistent or appears with no apparent pattern
  • If your current therapies provide only temporary pain relief
  • If it appears you are becoming dependent on pain medication
  • If inadequate pain management begins to cause emotional difficulties
  • If your pain continues long after a surgery has been completed or injury has healed

What kind of doctor will I be seeing at the Pain Management Center?

You will be seeing a physician who specializes in pain management. You may also see a physician resident or an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with special interests in pain management, under direct supervision of a physician specializing in pain management.

Can a pain management physician find the cause of my pain?

Pain management physicians are not only experts at treating pain, but can also diagnose the source of pain. They will conduct a thorough physical examination and review your medical records in addition to analyzing the description of your pain.

What are some of the treatments for my pain?

There are many treatments available for pain. The degree of pain varies from person to person, so your treatment plan will be geared to your specific needs. Treatment may include a single approach or a combination of medications, therapies and interventional procedures.

If I require an injection, what does the procedure involve?

If your primary physician or your pain management physician recommends an injection for your pain, it most likely will include local anesthetics and/or anti-inflammatory medications that will be injected around nerves or into joints. These may be used to reduce swelling, irritation, muscle spasms or to temporarily block the nerve carrying the pain message.

Will I be able to drive following an injection?

For procedures that involve an epidural or spinal injection, it is recommended that you not drive for 24 hours following an injection. It is usually a good idea to bring a driver with you to each visit in case you will need injection therapy.

How many injections will I need?

Since every patient's pain experience is different, the answer to this question will vary. Many patients receive a series of injections or can be scheduled to have a single injection spaced at appropriate intervals.

Are injections the only therapy used for the treatment of pain?

No. There are many options for treating pain.

Will I experience side effects from the injection?

As with any medication, these injections may cause side effects unique to your medical condition. Your pain management physician will discuss the possibility of these side effects with you.