Comprehensive Stroke Program: Patient Stories

  • "Fast Pass" to stroke recovery

    Just after sunset on June 11, 2018, Joseph Susdorf stood at the entrance of Jacksonville International Airport, tapping his right hand but feeling nothing. In the short walk from the parking garage, a nagging numbness developed into a dead hand. The sensation quickly spread down his body.

    Joseph collapsed to one knee and heard a police officer say, “He’s having a stroke,” before everything went black.

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  • Stroke patient grateful for receiving the “clot buster,” IV-tPA

    Steve Rhyne was simply eating a snack when he had a stroke at age 58.

    He noticed his hand kept missing his mouth as he tried to eat. When he stood up and walked across his house to tell his wife something was wrong, his right arm dropped to his side and “flopped around like Jell-O,” Rhyne recalls.

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  • When every minute counts: Massive stroke patient has remarkable recovery after rapid treatment

    The clock started ticking for Rocco Marrese when the 71-year-old was on his lunch break at Morgan & Morgan law office in downtown Jacksonville.

    The orthopaedic spine surgeon and lawyer was last seen at 11:30 that morning, Oct. 23, 2013. Minutes later, as he sat alone eating his lunch, his right arm went numb. His face started to droop and he lost the ability to speak.

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  • Patient thriving after surviving four strokes in 24 hours

    On Sept. 19, 2009, Don and Linda Plattè joined hands before God and their families and made a promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

    Five years later, they were holding hands again, only this time they were unsure if they even had another hour together. Neither of them thought they would be spending their fifth wedding anniversary in a UF Health Jacksonville hospital room.

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