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Women have unique medical needs that often require specialized physical rehabilitation services. These issues, such as pelvic floor dysfunction, can result in a range of symptoms including pain, constipation and urinary incontinence.

At UF Health Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, our highly qualified physical therapists can provide a wide variety of treatments including pelvic floor strengthening using biofeedback, electrical stimulation and proven behavior modification techniques. In addition, they offer osteoporosis programs, manual therapy, body mechanics training and postural education.

Conditions we treat

Services we provide

  • Behavior modification — scheduled toileting, bladder training and fluid management
  • Body mechanics training and postural education
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Myofascial release/trigger point release
  • Pelvic floor muscle training
  • Pelvic floor re-education using biofeedback
  • Therapeutic exercise

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