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Women’s Services

Gynecologic Oncology, Antepartum and Surgery (3 South)

Nurses in the Gynecologic Oncology, Antepartum and Surgery Unit on 3 South care for patients undergoing a variety of treatments for gynecologic oncology diagnoses, hematology, chemotherapy, radiation, antepartum care, postpartum, newborn couplet care and medical-surgical services.

This department offers nurses the chance to work with a diverse patient population along with physicians and interdisciplinary departments. Great communication, exceptional leadership and flexible scheduling are a few other reasons to join the team.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Diversity in patient population and nursing care
  • 16 bed medical-surgical unit
  • Staffed by RNs, PCAs, and Clerical Associates
  • 24/7 Obstetrical coverage (Attending, MFM, and Residents)

Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery Unit nurses are essential for a successful birth. Families will remember the days spent here for the rest of their lives. Our nurses are able to shape the birth experience to be a memorable one for each family that comes through our doors.

With more than 3,000 deliveries annually, Labor and Delivery is a fast-paced, exciting unit. Nurses work alongside physicians and residents to ensure a safe delivery for patients. There are many opportunities for nursing staff to learn and grow with experience in triage, the operating room and the recovery room. This unit has a very active council to foster participation and encourage involvement in the decisions about changes for the unit.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 16 Labor rooms, 6 triage beds
  • 3 Obstetrical operating room suites
  • Staffed by: RNs, Surgical Technicians and Clerical Associates
  • 24/7 Anesthesia coverage
  • 24/7 Neonatology coverage (Neonatologist, Residents, and APRN)
  • 24/7 Obstetrical coverage (Attending, MFM, and Residents)

Mother and Baby Unit (3 North)

Nurses in the Mother and Baby Unit are an integral part in helping patients ease into motherhood. Staff attends all deliveries to begin maternal-infant bonding. Working with mother and baby couplets provides a rewarding nursing experience, as patients never forget the difference our staff makes in their lives. We place an emphasis on lactation support throughout pregnancy and child birth.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 Bed postpartum unit
  • Staffed by RNs, PCAs, and Clerical Associates
  • 24/7 Obstetrical coverage (Attending, MFM, and Residents)
  • 24/7 Pediatrician / Neonatology coverage (Attending, Neonatologist, Residents, and APRN)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, has a comprehensive medical team that provides life support and tailored care for the tiniest patients at UF Health Jacksonville. As a Level III regional referral center, physicians and staff provide intensive care for infants from Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. This unit offers a great nurse to patient ratio with a continuous learning environment. Nurses participate in research studies to continue professional development, and each nurse maintains Neonatal Resuscitation Program and S.T.A.B.L.E. certifications. Nurses work alongside neonatologists that teach daily at the bedside. The NICU places emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach that fosters respectful and caring interactions for each other and families, while providing clinically excellent care to the diverse patient population. Additionally, the NICU dietitians are on staff and play an integral role in the interdisciplinary team. The dieticians round with our teams each day and provide nutrition recommendations as well as assess growth, which is known to have such a significant impact on neuro developmental outcomes.

Services offered:

The NICU unit offers Angel Eye Camera systems for parents and families who cannot be with their baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This innovative technology enables loved ones to log into a secure account from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and check in on their newborn from any location at any time of the day.

For quicker access to a higher level of care, UF Health Jacksonville has established a Neonatal Transport team to transport infants from surrounding area hospitals to NICU. The transport team is comprised of specially trained NICU registered nurses and respiratory therapists.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 4 NAS Beds
  • 48 NICU Beds
  • Staffed by: RNs, Respiratory Technicians, Lactation, Dietitians, PCAs, and Clerical Associates
  • 24/7 Neonatal coverage (Neonatologist, Residents, and APRN)

Women's Specialists

On the third floor of the Ambulatory Care Center at UF Health Jacksonville, nurses at UF Health Women’s Specialists – Jacksonville help to care for obstetrics and gynecology patients each day. Approximately 170 patients are scheduled to see providers daily, Monday through Friday, and approximately 50 patients are scheduled to be seen for non-stress test and ultrasounds. The team currently consists of 13 customer service representatives, 13 medical assistants, four registered nurses to assist the providers, and two registered nurses in the prenatal diagnostic area who work alongside four sonographers, a Diabetes Nurse Educator. This unit offers flexible work hours with no nights, weekends or holidays.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Environment focused on teamwork and positive attitudes
  • Management team supports the key concept of a staff-driven unit
  • Variety of learning opportunities available
  • Ability to implement and modify processes to improve patient care
  • Staffed by RNs, MAs, CSRs, Educator, Attending Physician, Residents, and MFM Physicians, and Ultrasound Sonographers

UF Health North Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum

Nursing works collaboratively with multiple service lines providing quality care and outstanding customer service in the labor and delivery unit. The unit has been awarded the 5-Star Professional Research Consultants recognition for Overall Quality of Care. Our Employee Engagement scores are ranked in the top tier, which demonstrates the pride and commitment our nurses take in their work. The provider-nursing partnership is key to the success of this unit. Our staff considers it an honor to care for mothers as they welcome their new babies into the world.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 12 LDRP suites
  • 8 GYN/Antepartum rooms
  • 4 Triage rooms
  • 2 Obstetrical operating room suites
  • Staffed by RNs, Surgical Technicians, and Clerical Associates
  • 24/7 Obstetrical and midwifery services
  • 24/7 Anesthesia coverage
  • 24/7 Neonatology coverage