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UF Health Jacksonville Home

Emergency Care

UF Health Jacksonville Emergency Room and Level I Trauma Center

UF Health Emergency Medicine – Jacksonville is one of the largest departments within the hospital, which allows nurses to grow and develop skills while caring for a wide-ranging patient population including adult, pediatric and trauma emergencies. The fast-paced environment allows nurses to develop the necessary skills and critical thinking to care for the full spectrum of patient health care needs.

UF Health Jacksonville's Trauma Center is the state’s first and region's only Level I adult and pediatric trauma center. It is also the first trauma center in the region to receive American College of Surgeons verification. This verifies that the trauma care provided at UF Health Jacksonville meets or exceeds national standards. The trauma center houses five trauma resuscitation bays and a dedicated nursing staff that boasts an average of more than 15 years of nursing experience.

This department was the recipient of the 2017 Four Star Excellence Award for Overall Quality of Care by Professional Research Consultants. When working in emergency medicine, nursing staff will find a supportive atmosphere where teamwork and enthusiasm abound.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Fast-paced environment with many critical patients; approximately 200 patients seen per day
  • 96 beds with nine critical trauma and medical resuscitation bays
  • ED Fellowship offered annually for new graduates and nurses without previous ED experience
  • Six nurses dedicated to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

UF Health North Emergency Room

Since its opening in February 2015, the UF Health North Emergency Room has become the cornerstone of UF Health North. It was one of the first freestanding emergency departments in Florida to be designated as an Acute Stroke Ready Center by The Joint Commission. The department has been awarded the 5-Star Excellence in Healthcare Award from Professional Research Consultants for scoring in the top 10% on the Overall Quality of Care Score for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our volumes have exceeded 46,000 visits per year and we continue to grow to serve northeast Florida and southeast Georgia as leaders in emergency medicine care.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 26 private patient care rooms
  • 2 state-of-the-art resuscitation rooms
  • Adult and pediatric dedicated emergency care
  • Onsite outpatient diagnostic services, including imaging and laboratory medicine

Intensive Care

Cardiac Care Unit (5 North CCU)

The Cardiac Care Unit is made up of a multidisciplinary team of nurses, specializing in treating heart attack, cardiac intervention and heart failure patients. We provide ICU care for STEMI, including Hypothermia, Impella, IntaAortic Ballon pump and pacing. We provide frequent bedside rounding with attending physicians, case managers, pharmacists, fellows and residents to ensure the patient has everything they need to complete their care while at UF Health Cardiology – Jacksonville.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 bed progressive/ICU unit with an average daily census of 18
  • 4:1 progressive/2:1 ICU nurse‐patient ratio
  • Private rooms

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

Patients in the cardiovascular intensive care unit typically have had CABGs, valve replacements, robotic and other thoracic surgeries, and minimally invasive heart procedures such as TAVR, TEVAR, and mini valve replacements. Nurses in this unit have the opportunity to work with specialized surgeons in open heart and general surgery including esophagostomy, Whipple and vascular procedures. By joining this team, you will work with a great group of nurses who deliver excellent care in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment taking care of post-operative patients. We have a dynamic team of highly energetic nurses that attain exceptional patient outcomes and high patient satisfaction scores.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 17 bed progressive ICU unit with an average daily census of 12
  • 4:1 progressive/2:1 ICU nurse‐patient ratio
  • Specialize in cardiothoracic, vascular and general surgery

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The PICU is an eight-bed mixed unit that provides nurturing expert care to patients three days old to 18 years. The diverse conditions treated range from common newborn and childhood illnesses such as neonatal fever and asthma, to critically injured children requiring ICU level care. Nurses collaborate with interdisciplinary team members to deliver high-quality, family-centered care. The team works with our child life department to incorporate play and age appropriate activities into the plan of care. The diversional activities reduce anxiety, increase trust and promote healing in our pediatric patients. The décor of the unit is warm, welcoming and child friendly. Windows surround the unit and provide panoramic views of the city.

Teamwork and respect create a family-like work atmosphere that enables staff to better accomplish the mission to heal, to comfort, to educate and to discover through quality health care, elimination of health disparities, medical education, innovation and research.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 8 bed ICU with an average daily census of 5
  • 2:1 ICU nurse‐patient ratio

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU/MSICU)

MICU/MSICU nurses are committed to monitoring and treating the critically ill patients admitted to the unit, such as pulmonary and septic patients. Nurses in the unit work collaboratively with physicians to provide the best outcomes for patients recovering from life-threatening conditions. The MICU consists of 28 beds and accommodates patients that are transferred from the Emergency Room, Post Anesthesia Care Unit after surgery as well as other floors which require MICU level of care. Our leadership team is committed to nursing excellence as well as cultivating an environment of staff engagement, professional growth and development, and teamwork. The MICU unit council is one of the largest and most active within the critical care division, which helps promote evidenced-based change within our practice and unit.

In 2017, this unit was the first to win the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Silver Beacon Award for Excellence. The honor is given to the country’s top nursing units that improve patient outcomes and align their practices with the AACN’s six Healthy Work Environment standards. This recognition lasts for three years. In 2019, we resubmitted our certification to obtain Gold Status.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 28 bed ICU with an average daily census of 23
  • 2:1 ICU nurse‐patient ratio
  • High percentage of Certified Critical Care Nurses
  • New Critical Care Nurse and UF APU Nurse Fellowship

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)

Nurses in the SICU care for patients with a variety of traumatic injuries from admissions to UF Health TraumaOne, the only adult and pediatric Level I trauma program in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our unit cares for complex acute care surgery patients, along with neuro-critical care. We have the only extracorpeal life support program for Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our team utilizes an excellent multidisciplinary team approach for the care of our patients and families, as a family-centered care is at the center of all we do. Our nursing team has many Daisy Award recipients, along with the 2018 Florence Nightingale award winner and great 100 nurses’ winners. All nurses in our unit are encouraged to grow in their nursing practice, to achieve national certifications and continue in obtaining higher education.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 28 bed ICU with an average daily census of 25
  • 2:1 ICU nurse‐patient standard ratio
  • 1:1ICU nurse-patient ratio for CRRT, unstable
  • 1:2 ICU nurse-patient ratio for ECMO

UF Health North Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit serves wide variety of high-acuity patient populations. Nurses in the ICU provide life-saving care to critically ill patients received from the operating room, Emergency Room and Rapid Response Team. Nurses have a close relationship with the intensivist team and utilize interdisciplinary rounds to facilitate a high quality patient experience. Joining the team means you have a unique opportunity to advance your nursing skills by caring for medical-surgical and neurosurgical critical care patients in a supportive environment.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 bed ICU/progressive unit with an average daily census of 19
  • 2:1 ICU nurse-patient ratio
  • 4:1 progressive nurse-patient ratio

Medical-Surgical Care

Medical-Surgical 5 North Pavilion Unit

A medical-surgical unit that focuses on providing excellent care aimed toward the restoration of optimal quality of life for our patients and their families. There is an atmosphere of excellent teamwork and collaboration with other disciplines, that supports a healthy environment for professional growth where our staff are known as a family of caregivers.

Nurses in this unit have a robust shared governance unit practice council where all staff are encouraged to attend and offer suggestions for process improvement within the unit. Management encourages staff participation and attendance in organizational councils and committees, such as the LGBTQ employee resource group. Our unit offers novice nurses a solid foundation upon which to build their nursing careers on, while supporting their desire for educational and growth opportunities.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 20 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 18
  • 5:1-6:1 medical-surgical nurse‐patient ratio
  • 4 negative air pressure rooms

Medical-Surgical 5 South Pavilion Unit

This medical-surgical unit focuses on an academic partnership to foster the next generation of nurses and has been ranked as a Tier 2 in the employee engagement survey for the past two years. There is excellent teamwork and a collaborative environment that supports professional growth. Our nurses are committed to providing excellent care. This unit offers a diverse environment along with nursing participation in organizational councils and educational offerings.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 19 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 16
  • 6:1 medical-surgical nurse‐patient ratio
  • Ancillary Pharmacist on the unit Monday through Friday, as part of collaborative team and staff resource

Medical-Surgical Unit (6 North)

The specialty of medical-surgical nursing unit sets the foundation for nursing care. This multidisciplinary approach to patient care provides nurses with the opportunity to work with various patients and physicians, including an in-unit pharmacist, wound care nurse and case managers. This unit highly supports education and has supportive leadership that encourages professional development and employee engagement activities like community giving, celebrating birthdays and holidays. There is excellent teamwork as demonstrated by our ranking as Tier 1 in the employee engagement survey.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 25 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 25
  • 5-6:1 medical-surgical nurse‐patient ratio

UF Health North Medical-Surgical Unit (Floor 4)

The highly skilled medical-surgical nurses on this unit focus on providing excellent care to our patients and have received 5-Star recognition from Professional Research Consultants for patient care for several years consecutively. There is excellent teamwork and a collaborative multidisciplinary approach that supports professional growth. This unit also has a supportive leadership team that encourages employee engagement activities and professional development.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 22
  • 5:1 medical-surgical nurse‐patient ratio

UF Health North Medical-Surgical Unit (Floor 5)

This medical-surgical unit offers nurses a broad range of experiences while providing care to a variety of patients with complex disease processes. Nurses on this unit excel at coordinating care for multiple patients at a time, have high-level critical thinking skills and have a wide range of clinical knowledge. Apart from catering to all levels of experience we also have unique skills among our team including ultrasound guided IV trained charge and staff nurses, wound treatment associates, diabetes resources nurses and decontamination-trained nurses.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 21
  • 5:1 medical-surgical nurse-patient ratio with dedicated charge nurse
  • State of the art patient rooms with Sonifi system and Ipads

Procedural Care

Perioperative Services

The Perioperative Services unit is a fast-paced environment in which skilled nurses provide high-quality care to seamlessly navigate patients through the preoperative, perioperative and postoperative phases of surgery. As the area’s only Level I Trauma Center, serving Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, our staff is highly committed to providing the best possible care at all times in any circumstances. The main operating room is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a highly-skilled team readily available to effectively respond to all types of traumas.

In addition to the main operating room, there is an outpatient surgery area, a gastrointestinal laboratory, and an eye surgery area, all of which make up 28 licensed operating rooms in four separate areas of our downtown campus. To complement our specialty areas, the main operating rooms provide services for trauma, general, orthopaedic, neurology, cardiothoracic, vascular, oral maxillofacial, ear nose and throat, urology, OB/GYN and robotic specialty procedures.

We are an energetic, highly-specialized team that takes great pride in providing care to all patients in a nurturing environment.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 28 licensed operating rooms
  • Trauma operating room

Interventional Radiology

This is a unique opportunity to accelerate your nursing career at a Magnet Facility and enjoy one-on-one patient care in our state-of-the-art Interventional Radiology department at an academic teaching hospital. UF Health Interventional Radiology – Jacksonville performs cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedures to shorten recovery time and minimize pain and scarring for patients. UF Health Vascular and Interventional Radiology offers a comprehensive range of image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. A dynamic inter-professional team of nurses, technologists, and MD interventional radiologists specialize in caring for patients having minimally-invasive procedures, including but not limited to dialysis catheter placement, biopsies, and central venous access, as well as urgent and emergent vascular interventions.

Nurses assist with procedures in multiple imaging modalities and three outpatient imaging centers in a total of four procedure rooms and nine patient bays. UF Health Jacksonville offers an engaging and cohesive team of nurses who value accountability, compassion, integrity, positivity and respect through a strong interdisciplinary collaboration and devotion to providing excellent and individualized patient care.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Level One Trauma Center
  • Certified Comprehensive Stroke Program participant, with door-to-TPA rates better than benchmarks
  • Individualized orientation plan with standardized resource manual created by staff
  • An average of 20 patients a day, Monday through Friday with after-hours call coverage
  • Specializes in minimally-invasive procedures, dialysis catheters, biopsies, and central venous access, as well as urgent and emergent vascular interventions

Inpatient Hemodialysis

The inpatient hemodialysis unit, located on the fourth floor of the Clinical Center, is one of the busiest procedural units in the hospital servicing anywhere from 350-450 patients a month. This unit provides specially trained hemodialysis nurses and dialysis technicians that work very close with our nephrologists that evaluate and treat the acute kidney injury patients and our end stage renal disease patient population. Our unit serves our patients Monday through Saturday, with week night nurse on-call coverage and 24 hour nurse on-call coverage on Sundays.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • The unit is comprised of 8 bays with one isolation room
  • 1:2 nurse-patient ratio, on the unit
  • 1:1 nurse-patient ratio for bedside and isolation patients
  • 1:4 technician-patient ratio

Cardiac Cath Lab, Electrophysiology Lab, Cardiac Holding Unit

The cardiac cath lab, electrophysiology lab and cardiac holding unit at the UF Health Cardiovascular Center is home to a dynamic, interdisciplinary team who work in a procedural setting and advanced academic environment. As a designated Chest Pain Center, the team uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment to assist physicians in determining the best possible treatment plans for our patients.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 14 catheterization holding beds
  • 5 laboratories


The UF Health Gastroenterology procedure center, located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center, is staffed by nurses specially trained to care for patients undergoing GI procedures, such as colonoscopies and esophagogastroduodenoscopies. Our endoscopy procedures are scheduled from one of our four UF Health Gastroenterology practices and our network of primary care centers.

The GI Center has a fully functioning unit council where nurses and front line staff members can share ideas and make suggestions to improve patient care and workflow processes. Our nurses are also considered the moderate sedation champions of the downtown campus.

Select GI nurses are trained to perform elastography, espohageal and anorectal manonmetry procedures and support a variety of sub-specialty and specialty procedures, including peg-tube placements, liver biopsies, endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and various endo-surgical procedures.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Nurses support diagnostic, advanced and complex specialty procedures
  • Five procedure rooms

Outpatient Infusion Centers

UF Health Oncology is proud to offer multiple outpatient infusion centers in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. Nurses in our centers are responsible for the administration of critical IV therapies, injections and port access. We compassionately serve a complex patient population using state-of-the-art therapies. Our nurses are all trained and certified in biotherapy and chemotherapy administration with a high percentage obtaining their certification as oncology nurses. Nurses work in a supportive setting with on-site physicians, pharmacists and support staff available to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Flexible work hours with no nights, weekends or holidays
  • Multiple opportunities within the department and organization for growth and development
  • Great team environment

UF Health North Perioperative services

Perioperative services encompasses care throughout the entire surgical experience — before, during and after an operation. UF Health North consists of five operating rooms, two endoscopy suites, 16 preoperative rooms, 16 post-anesthesia care unit bays, one interventional radiology suite, one cardiac cath lab suite, onsite pre-admission testing and sterile processing department. Nurses work collaboratively with multiple service lines providing outstanding customer service to patients, UF Health providers and community physicians.

This unit has been awarded 5 star PRC award for Overall Quality of Care four years in a row. The department philosophy has always been to always help others and pitch in. Nurses in this unit have heavy physician support and monthly unit council meetings with active staff involvement.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Five ORs
  • Two endoscopy suites
  • 16 PreOp rooms
  • 16 PACU bays
  • Onsite PAT and SPD
  • One interventional radiology suite
  • One cardiac cath lab suite

Progressive Care

Neurology (4 North)

The Neuroscience Institute's dedicated inpatient unit is located on the fourth floor of the UF Health Jacksonville Clinical Center. Our specially trained nursing staff and medical support team specialize in the evaluation and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. This unit participates in specialty specific learning experiences including simulations, hands-on and online training to keep staff current on medical treatments. This 28 bed, with 20 private rooms, progressive unit has an average daily census of 25. The average length of stay is four days.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Teamwork focusing on improving HCAHPS scores, improving quality and patient safety
  • 4:1 nurse‐patient ratio and 9:1 PCA-patient ratio with availability of resource patient care associate and free charge nurse.
  • Six beds dedicated to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for inpatient diagnostic evaluation and treatment for seizure disorders

Medical Surgical Progressive Care Unit (4 South)

We are a team of nurses that pride ourselves on patient-centered care and cultural diversity. Our unit cares for a wide variety of patients under orthopaedic, trauma, urology, cardiology, podiatry and end-of-life care. Our team maintains a high rate of BSN nurses and has grown to include a charge nurse fellowship, wound care-certified nurses, diabetic resource nurses and nurse preceptors. We value our shared governance and always find ways to improve patient care through our unit council initiatives.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 25 bed progressive medical-surgical unit
  • 4:1 progressive care nurse-patient ratio
  • 5:1 medical-surgical nurse-patient ratio
  • 21 Private rooms, 2 semi-private rooms

Oral and Maxillofacial (6 South)

We are an eight bed progressive care unit and provide care for patients of UF Health Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Jacksonville for procedures such as, tracheostomies, laryngectomies and head and neck cancers. Our team has been ranked 41st in the nation by US News & World Report for our patient care in 2019.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 4:1 progressive unit nurse-patient ratio

Medical Progressive Care Unit: TB (7 North)

The medical progressive care unit located at 7 North is a unit with a specialty of Tuberculosis patient care. The most common types of patient diagnoses are cardiac, respiratory, renal, neurological, drug and alcohol withdrawal, drug overdose, multi-system disease and Baker Acts. This unit offers a diverse family-centered work environment with a supportive leadership team. This specialized unit has a mixed skill set from graduate nurses to tenured nurses. This is a great unit to establish a nursing foundation, build or enhance nursing skill sets, develop time management and build confidence. 7 North is one of many Academic Partnership Units that takes pride in fostering the next generation of nurses. Staff and leadership over the years have been recognized for awards such as the Northeast Florida Great Nurses and Florence Nightingale for Excellence in Nursing Award.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 26 bed medical progressive care unit with an average daily census of 24 patients
  • 4:1 Progressive/ 5:1 progressive and medical-surgical nurse to patient ratio

Medical Surgical Progressive Care Unit (7 South)

7 South is a diverse team of dedicated nursing professionals whose focus is centered on our commitment to optimal outcomes for our patients and our role in the communities we serve. "To heal, to comfort, to educate and to discover through quality health care, elimination of health disparities, medical education, innovation and research" is more than just a mission statement, it’s the set of values we emulate every day. The staff on this progressive care unit tackle a variety of challenges while coordinating care for adult patients with varying forms of complex needs. The nurses are master coordinators with high-level critical thinking skills, a vast knowledge of disease states and body systems, robust management skills, and an innate ability to stay poised under pressure. With low nurse to patient ratios, staff are able to have unique clinical experiences such as peritoneal dialysis.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 26 bed progressive care unit with an average daily census of 25
  • 4:1 progressive care nurse-patient ratio
  • 5:1-6:1 medical-surgical nurse‐patient ratio

Surgical Progressive Care Unit (8 North)

We are a team-oriented unit that has a patient-centered focus. We care for intermediate level surgical patients recovering from general and trauma surgery. Our nurses are innovative and compassionate and work at a high level of excellence. We are committed to maintaining an environment where staff work together to create a culture of safety and where nurses have the autonomy to make the best decisions for their patients. Our unit boasts a low turnover rate, high BSN and certification rate, low infection rates and a thriving unit council where nurse’s voices are heard. 8 North aligns itself with the mission of UF Health Jacksonville and we hold true to the vision by exceeding benchmarks for patients and families.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 20 bed progressive care unit with an average daily census of 20
  • 4:1 progressive care nurse-patient ratio
  • Private rooms

Trauma Progressive Care Unit (8 South)

Specializing in the care of post-surgical trauma patients, the nurses of 8 South work closely with members of the interdisciplinary teams involved in the care of our patient population. From caring for patients with traumatic head injuries to complex wounds and chest tube management, this unit provides nurses with varying levels of experience the opportunity to develop and refine their nursing practice. Nurses can be involved in the shared governance of the unit by means of the unit council, and are always encouraged and empowered to partake in other hospital-wide, nurse-driven initiatives. Teamwork makes the dream work on 8 South, and this unit is proud to have multiple Daisy Award winners working together in one place.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 32 bed progressive care unit
  • 4:1 progressive nurse-patient ratio

Specialty Care

Nursing Resource Office

This department houses the patient placement staff, the staffing coordinators, and the float pool and flex team staffing. The float pool comprises four diverse teams; flex registered nurses, float registered nurses, patient care associates and sitters. The Flex RNs are a group of highly trained critical care nurses with a minimum of 3-5 years of intensive care unit experience and 100% of our Flex RN team have a bachelor of science in nursing degree or higher. Staff are trained to cover all intensive care units including the pediatric ICU, the emergency room, progressive care units, medical-surgical units, the rapid response team, post-anesthesia care unit and interventional radiology.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Patient advocacy with appropriate nurse-patient ratios
  • Build relationships at both UF Health Jacksonville and UF Health North
  • Unit council, Daisy Award recognition and succession planning

Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team was created as a proactive team of nursing staff. We proactively round on complex or high-risk, non-ICU patients to assess for any signs of early deterioration, ensure all necessary equipment is available, and intervene early if the patient needs a higher level of care. The team also responds to Code Blue events or any acute deterioration of patient status. Staff, patients and visitors are able to easily identify members of the Rapid Response Team by their distinct orange and blue scrubs. The team comprises registered nurses with several years of ICU experience and expert level critical thinking ability. Nurses on the Rapid Response Team operate with a high-degree of autonomy that requires self-confidence, adaptability and a commitment to patient safety.

Women’s Services

Gynecologic Oncology, Antepartum and Surgery (3 South)

Nurses in the Gynecologic Oncology, Antepartum and Surgery Unit on 3 South care for patients undergoing a variety of treatments for gynecologic oncology diagnoses, hematology, chemotherapy, radiation, antepartum care, postpartum, newborn couplet care and medical-surgical services.

This department offers nurses the chance to work with a diverse patient population along with physicians and interdisciplinary departments. Great communication, exceptional leadership and flexible scheduling are a few other reasons to join the team.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Diversity in patient population and nursing care
  • Nurse‐patient ratio: 1:4 oncology, 1:6 antepartum, 1:5 medical-surgical
  • 21 bed medical-surgical unit with an average daily census of 15

Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery Unit nurses are essential for a successful birth. Families will remember the days spent here for the rest of their lives. Our nurses are able to shape the birth experience to be a memorable one for each family that comes through our doors.

With more than 3,000 deliveries annually, Labor and Delivery is a fast-paced, exciting unit. Nurses work alongside physicians and residents to ensure a safe delivery for patients. There are many opportunities for nursing staff to learn and grow with experience in triage, the operating room and the recovery room. This unit has a very active council to foster participation and encourage involvement in the decisions about changes for the unit.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 16 labor rooms, 10 triage beds and three operating rooms
  • Based on individual acuity, point of labor, number of OR cases, etc., there is a nurse-patient ratio of 1:1 for patients with complications, during epidural initiation, while delivering, and recovering.

Mother and Baby Unit (3 North)

Nurses in the Mother and Baby Unit are an integral part in helping patients ease into motherhood. Staff work in the nursery and attend all deliveries to begin maternal-infant bonding. Working with mother and baby couplets provides a rewarding nursing experience, as patients never forget the difference our staff makes in their lives. We place an emphasis on lactation support throughout pregnancy and child birth.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 24 bed postpartum unit with an average daily census of 14
  • Nurse-patient ratio is 1:3 couplets, 1:6 healthy babies or 1:6 delivered moms
  • Florida Department of Health Hepatitis B Honor Roll for 2018-2019, by administering Hepatitis B vaccines timely to all infants

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, has a comprehensive medical team that provides life support and tailored care for the tiniest patients at UF Health Jacksonville. As a Level III regional referral center, physicians and staff provide intensive care for infants from Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. This unit offers a great nurse to patient ratio with a continuous learning environment. Nurses participate in research studies to continue professional development, and each nurse maintains Neonatal Resuscitation Program and S.T.A.B.L.E. certifications. Nurses work alongside neonatologists that teach daily at the bedside. The NICU places emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach that fosters respectful and caring interactions for each other and families, while providing clinically excellent care to the diverse patient population.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Level III NICU, 32 bed ICU with nurse-patient ratio 1:1 or 1:2
  • Level II NICU, 16 bed ICU with nurse-patient ration 1:3 or 1:4

Women's Specialists

On the third floor of the Ambulatory Care Center at UF Health Jacksonville, nurses at UF Health Women’s Specialists – Jacksonville help to care for obstetrics and gynecology patients each day. Approximately 170 patients are scheduled to see providers each day and approximately 40 patients are scheduled to be seen for non-stress test and ultrasounds. The team currently consists of three referral coordinators, 12 customer service representatives, 12 medical assistants, four registered nurses to assist with providers, and two registered nurses in the prenatal diagnostic area who work alongside three sonographers. This unit offers flexible work hours with no nights, weekends or holidays.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • Environment focused on teamwork and positive attitudes
  • Management team supports the key concept of a staff-driven unit
  • Variety of learning opportunities available
  • Ability to implement and modify processes to improve patient care

UF Health North Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum

Nursing works collaboratively with multiple service lines providing quality care and outstanding customer service in the labor and delivery unit. The unit has been awarded the 5-Star Professional Research Consultants recognition for Overall Quality of Care. Our Employee Engagement scores are ranked in the top tier, which demonstrates the pride and commitment our nurses take in their work. The provider-nursing partnership is key to the success of this unit. Our staff considers it an honor to care for mothers as they welcome their new babies into the world.

Getting to Know Our Team

  • 12 LDRP suites
  • 8 GYN/antepartum rooms
  • 4 triage rooms
  • 2 obstetrical operating room suites
  • 24/7 obstetrical and midwifery services
  • 24/7 anesthesia and neonatology coverage