Charity Care

In addition to being known throughout the region for offering world-class academic medicine, UF Health Jacksonville has earned respect for the level of charity and uncompensated care we provide.

Approximately 3.8 million Florida residents are without health insurance, making Florida one of the top five U.S. states with the highest percentage of uninsured residents. In Jacksonville, 18 percent of residents are without health insurance. In addition, many people who have some healthcare coverage find it falls short of their families’ needs. UF Health plays an important role in providing health care for these populations.

Safety-Net Hospitals

UF Health Jacksonville Hospital and UF Health Shands Hospital are two of the state’s nine statutory teaching hospitals. They are "safety-net" hospitals and are therefore relied upon to help serve residents in their primary service area who have little or no health insurance. UF Health is one of Florida’s largest Medicaid and charity care providers.

Safety-net hospitals and health systems provide healthcare access and a significant level of services to patients who would otherwise have limited or no access to care due to their insurance status, financial circumstances or their medical condition.

Not-for-profit hospitals play a unique and critical role in serving area residents. We receive tax exemptions from federal, state and local governments and are trusted to provide benefits back to our communities. These community benefits include the provision of uncompensated care for which no payment is received from patients or insurers.

In fiscal year 2010, UF Health provided $80.1 million in unreimbursed charity care (at cost). It served uninsured patients from every one of the 67 counties in Florida.

Our commitment as a responsible, accountable steward of our resources is the cornerstone of UF Health Jacksonville's not-for-profit mission.

Our Responsibility to the Community

We are committed to decreasing disparities in health care delivery across ethnic and economic lines. Our community programs reflect the city's major causes of morbidity and mortality in both purpose and location. We are especially vested in improving the health of residents living in the community surrounding the hospital, the most populated area of Jacksonville's urban core.

UF Health Jacksonville is respected as an active, responsible corporate citizen and partner in the Jacksonville community and the state of Florida. Together, our UF Health staff and affiliated UF and community physicians provide outstanding care and compassionate service to our patients and customers. We're proud to make a difference in our patients' lives, improve community health and well-being and contribute to the economic strength of the region.