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Our goal is to create the healthiest community for everyone. To do this, we have created programs to decrease disparities in healthcare delivery across ethnic and economic lines.

Many of our patients are residents of the urban core, which has the city's highest mortality rates from heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, as well as the highest infant mortality rate. We offer community-responsive programs for expectant parents and people with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, and other blood disorders.

Trauma Prevention Program

UF Health Jacksonville’s Trauma Prevention Program began more than 25 years ago. Its goal is to educate children and parents on important safety topics in an effort to reduce the number and severity of injuries. Each year, this program teaches 15,000-20,000 people about injury prevention through lectures, mock simulations, health fairs, hands-on activities and general distribution of educational materials.

Learn more about our TraumaOne Prevention initiatives

Connect at UF Health Jacksonville

Connect at UF Health Jacksonville makes a difference in the lives of pregnant women, caregivers and families with young children by offering universal prenatal and infant-risk screenings. Connect also provides a one-stop entry point for various programs and services, including education and support in:

  • Childbirth
  • Newborn care
  • Parenting
  • Child development
  • Food and nutrition
  • Mental health
  • Financial self-sufficiency

Call (904) 244-4843 for more information or to enroll in the Connect program.

Healthy Start Program

The Healthy Start Program started in 1991 to reduce Florida's alarmingly high infant mortality rate. Florida law mandates that community-based Healthy Start coalitions oversee the maternal and infant healthcare services in their communities.

In 2001, UF Health Jacksonville partnered with the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition to institute this unique hospital, clinic and home-based program.

This program has received recognition from the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Jacksonville Community Council Inc., and other local agencies to help reduce the infant mortality rate in the city.

Core services include:

  • Prenatal and parenting education and support
  • Health and development screenings
  • Interconception education and reproductive life planning
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • One-on-one care coordination
  • Community referrals

Additional services offered:

  • Psychosocial counseling for drug abuse, domestic violence and abuse
  • Stress and anger management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Assistance with Medicaid enrollment
  • Initial entry into prenatal care and assisting mothers to find a pediatricians for their babies
  • Daddy Boot Camp - dads teaching new dads fatherhood responsibility

Little Miracles Program

We want you to take advantage of all the benefits of the UF Health Jacksonville Little Miracles Program by joining as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Participant Information Packet

The Little Miracles Program began in 2000 to improve the health of mothers and their babies in Jacksonville by focusing on early prenatal and newborn care. Through the program, you can access:

Prenatal and infant care access assistance

  • Pregnancy Medicaid or other prenatal appointment coverage
  • Assistance with scheduling your first prenatal and newborn care appointments

Maternity and childbirth education

  • Prenatal and newborn educational materials
  • Tour of labor and delivery mother and baby units
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding classes

On-Site program referrals

  • Connect serves as a one-stop entry point to help expectant mothers and their families find exemplary services and programs for their needs.
  • Healthy Start is a hospital, clinic and home-based program that offers screenings for mothers and their infants, care coordination for moderate-risk patients, case management for high-risk patients, ongoing prenatal and parenting education, home visits and more.
  • Nurse Family Partnership is a two-year home-visit program for new parents living in high-risk communities, with specially trained UF Health nurses providing education and support to first-time mothers.

Additional Benefits

  • Attend baby showers hosted by Little Miracles during your pregnancy
  • Enter into a drawing for baby care items with submission of your completed appointment booklet

For more information about the Little Miracles Program, please call (904) 244-8108 or (904) 244-BABY.

Nurse-Family Partnership program

Nurse-Family Partnership at UF Health Jacksonville is a two-year home-visit program for new parents living in high-risk communities. Specially trained nurses provide education and support to first-time mothers early in the pregnancy through the child's second birthday.

Program Goals:

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women engage in good preventive health practices, improve their diets and reduce their use of cigarettes, alcohol and illegal substances.
  • Improve child health and development by helping parents provide responsible and competent care.
  • Improve the family's economic self-sufficiency by helping parents develop a vision for their future, plan future pregnancies, continue their education and find work.

Call (904) 244-3665 to learn more about the Nurse-Family Partnership.