Little Miracles Program

Enjoy all the benefits of the UF Health Jacksonville Little Miracles Program. Join as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Participant Information Packet

The Little Miracles Program began in 2000 to improve the health of mothers and their babies in Jacksonville by promoting early prenatal and newborn care. Through the program, you can access:

Prenatal and Infant Care Access Assistance

  • Pregnancy Medicaid or other prenatal appointment coverage
  • Assistance with scheduling your first prenatal and newborn care appointments

Maternity and Childbirth Education

  • Prenatal and newborn educational materials
  • Tour of labor and delivery mother and baby units
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding classes

On-Site Program Referrals

  • Connect serves as a one-stop entry point to help expectant mothers and their families find exemplary service(s) and program(s) for their needs.
  • Healthy Start is a hospital, clinic, and home-based program that offers screenings for mothers and their infants, care coordination for moderate-risk patients, case management for high-risk patients, ongoing prenatal and parenting education, home visits, etc.
  • Nurse Family Partnership is a two-year home-visit program for new parents living in high-risk communities, with specially trained UF Health nurses providing education and support to first-time mothers.

Additional Benefits

  • Attend baby showers hosted by Little Miracles during your pregnancy
  • Entry into a drawing for baby care items with submission of your completed appointment booklet

For more information about the Little Miracles Program, please call 904-244-8108 or 904-244-BABY.