Skin blushing/flushing

  • Definition
    • Skin blushing or flushing is a sudden reddening of the face, neck, or upper chest.

  • Alternative Names
    • Blushing; Flushing; Red face

  • Causes
    • Blushing is a normal body response that may occur when you are embarrassed, angry, excited, or experiencing another strong emotion.

      Flushing of the face may be associated with certain medical conditions, such as:

      Other causes include:

      • Alcohol use
      • Certain medicines used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol
      • Exercise
      • Extreme emotions
      • Hot or spicy foods
      • Rapid changes in temperature or heat exposure
  • Home Care
    • Try to avoid the things that cause your blushing. For example, you may need to avoid hot drinks, spicy foods, extreme temperatures, or bright sunlight.

  • When to Contact a Medical Professional
    • Call your health care provider if you have persistent flushing, particularly if you have other symptoms (such as diarrhea).

  • What to Expect at Your Office Visit
    • The provider will perform a physical exam and may ask about your medical history and symptoms, including:

      • Does the flushing affect the whole body or just the face?
      • Do you have hot flashes?
      • How often do you have flushing or blushing?
      • Are episodes getting worse or more frequent?
      • Is it worse after you drink alcohol?
      • What other symptoms do you have? For example, do you have diarrhea, wheezing, hives, or difficulty breathing?
      • Does it happen when you eat certain foods or exercise?

      Treatment depends on the cause of your blushing or flushing. Your provider may recommend that you avoid things that trigger the condition.

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